My passion is to preach and teach God's word to a world that seeks a stronger relationship with Christ, than what is provided in most of the religious environments. With a focus on shining the light of Jesus on the “Great Deception” in these end Times.

My name is Noel Wideberg.
I am an ordained minister with the National Association of Christian Ministers.

This ministry focuses on the Word of God, which for the most part has been voided and replaced by religious traditions. We believe that such traditions only produce professing Christians instead of” Faith Warriors”; Christians, who develop a Faith warrior purpose. We live in a “what's best for me” generation and unfortunately most Christians are only focused on their personal relationship with God. Scripture clearly states that this is where it begins and it needs to be maintained daily but we also need to understand that we have been chosen by Jesus Christ to fulfill a commission and no one is excluded. This ministry teaches that everyone is to be part of the great commission in the capacity that the Lord has chosen you to fulfill.

For too long Christians have excluded themselves rationalizing all they had to do is show up on Sunday and fill a pew or join the church choir and their mission is completed. There is nothing wrong in being a part of a choir or going to church but over and over in the New Testament the command is to feed the sheep. There is only way to feed the sheep and that is giving and delivering the Word of God to a hungry world. Remember, church activities are there to keep you busy or entertained so go ahead and participate if you like but don't forget that is not the main priority of your election and duty.

Furthermore, most feel good church activities really don't sound much like Paul's description of a Christian as a soldier in God's army. In 2nd Timothy 2: 3-4 we are told that we are soldiers in Christ chosen by Him to be a soldier. In 1st Timothy 1:18 we are instructed to war a good warfare. Those few scriptures alone will aggravate and disrupt most Christian's conception why we were called and chosen. Christians have been called and chosen for a purpose and that is why I am dedicated to equip (feed) the sheep. If you want to be a serious disciple of Christ then I encourage you to keep listening and watching.  I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield with us. Keep up Good Fight fellow soldiers of Jesus Christ! 

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